The purpose of this association 
is to foster Fine Art and to cooperate with other organizations having similar purposes.

Village Art Association

"How to Stay Motivated as an Artist”


Andy Smith will be presenting his methods for staying motivated during our January 27th meeting from 6:30-8:00 pm.


Andy has lived in Lititz for the past 28 years. But he has been a professional watercolor artist for 35 years.


He paints daily, and shares his work on Daily Painters, plus his own blog, and website.  He works mostly from photos he
takes, then uses them as reference in his studio.


Andy paints in a realistic style and he is intrigued with light and shadow in his compositions. His favorite subjects are things most people rarely notice.


Andy’s work can be viewed at:


January Program - January 27th

at 6:30-8:30